Lamar law enforcement making clean sweep

A month ago to the day we reported how residents of one Lamar County apartment complex complained of a trash problem.  While landlords worked on a solution and supervisors voiced their concerns over the matter, there now seems to be an answer.

7 ON YOUR SIDE originally reported this story January 15th, and February 15th that same location appears dramatically different.

"As you can see, from working with the property owners and the tenants, the areas are cleaned up," Lamar County sheriff Danny Rigel says, referring to the noticeable difference in a now clean area around a previously messy complex.

Studying crime analysis of Lamar County, Rigel says results revealed two areas needed specialized law enforcement attention...areas also known to be littered with trash.  Now thanks to a new four man team comprised of sheriff's deputies, over the past two weeks more than 80 misdemeanor citations have been written, 23 arrests made - four of those felony drug arrests - all linked to cleaning up a dirty problem.

"Statistics show there is a correlation between littering, vandalism, graffiti in relation to crime in a certain area," Rigel says.  "You know when a neighborhood goes down that's one of the first things you see."

So, by relocating manpower from different divisions within the department, the newly-assigned deputies have been busy meeting with residents, identifying areas needing sanitation attention, and letting the community know law enforcement is here to help.

"And it's a thing we're gonna use county wide. When we have a complaint, from whatever part of the county it may be, then that's when we send in the team and we stay there 'til the problem's solved."

While the new team continues addressing those messy areas, there's promise when violators and criminals break the enforcement will be ready.

** Reported by 7 ON YOUR SIDE's Daniel Barton.  You can email Daniel at