Get used to patchwork roads in Jones

Jones County supervisors are telling folks they're sorry, but they don't have the money to fix all the roads that need repairs.

"We simply don't get enough maintenance money through the budget every year to accomplish the things that we need to," says Andy Dial, president of the board. He says the county needs about $9 to $10 million for major projects, but the total road budget is only a little over $5 million.

Dial says a great deal of taxpayer dollars go to education, law enforcement, and public buildings — leaving very little money for maintenance.

"Basically what we have done over the years is that the road department has worked with less money than these other agencies and different thing in order to keep from raising taxes.""

On many Jones County roads, patch marks continue for miles. Officials say that's all you'll see because there's just no money in the budget to make major repairs.