Choked boy's parents charge teacher

The parents of a 7th grade student allegedly choked in school on Tuesday by his teacher are taking legal action.

James and Antoinette Jackson say the attack on their 12-year old son by his teacher should never have happened. One reason why on Friday they filed assault charges against the teacher with the Marion County Sheriff's Department.

"He said the teacher picked him up and choked him and he was frightened for his life."

Antoinette Jackson recounts the ordeal she says her 12-year old son went through on Tuesday.

"He has a scratch on his neck and he had fingerprints and a little bruise, tender spot on the back of his neck."

The results of what Jackson says was an unprovoked attack on her son by his 26-year-old math teacher Jeremy Nunn.

Nunn was fired from East Marion Junior High School on Thursday following a two-day investigation by school officials.

News 7 spoke with Superintendent Craig Robbins on Friday. He says: "Jeremy Nunn is no longer an employee in the district. And the less we talk about this incident the better things will be.""

Meanwhile the Jacksons say they worry about their son's emotional well-being.

"Lafayette's kind of having a rough time right now, when he wasn't afraid to sleep in his room, he's afraid now that the guy's coming to get him."

"I don't want this to happen to any other child."