Saddle up for improved Longleaf Trace

A well-known walking and bicycle trail in South Mississippi will soon be known as a great place to ride horses as well.

Although the 41-mile Longleaf Trace has always had a few miles set aside for horse-riding, much of that area has been overgrown and too narrow for wagons.

Now a new riders organization has helped fix some of those problems.

And on March 31st, they'll celebrate the new-look trail with a ride from Sumrall to Epley Road and back.

"It's wider...on a horse, you can ride three-beside each other and the wagons behind," said Stephanie Wheeler, Vice-President of the Friends of the Equestrian Trail.

That 1-year-old group has partnered with the Longleaf Trace Board of Directors and the Lamar County Supervisors to clear about one-fourth of the 24 miles that has been designated for horses.

"It's a lot's open...there are no big ditches you have to cross.

It's a really nice trail," Wheeler said.

Ultimately, the riding group wants to clear and widen all of the horse-riding trail.

They are also hoping new riders will want to join their organization, which has about 40 members so far.