LPD hunts 2 suspects in pizza robbery

A pizza delivery went bad in Laurel and now authorities on the hunt for two men.

Authorities say they are looking for Jonas Windham and his alleged accomplice.

Police say Windham ordered Domino's Pizza around 10:45 Wednesday night but gave a bogus address on First Avenue. Authorities say after the driver could not find the house he called the cell phone the pizza was ordered from and Windham answered. Windham allegedly flagged the driver down in front of a home on the corner of First Avenue and 19th Street. Police say once the driver stopped, Windham and his accomplice beat and robbed him.

"He did get sustain some minor injures," says Laurel police investigator Michael Reaves. "He was treated at South Central Medical Center and released.  The investigation at this time is ongoing, but we have identified the suspect and we are currently looking for him at this hour."

Police say they are not sure who Windham's accomplice was, but he is wanted for questioning.