Mayor rescinds firefighter dismissals

Five part time Petal Firefighters who had been let go from their positions have been offered their jobs back. Today Mayor Carl Scott issued an official apology from the city to the men:

Based on information that was presented to myself and the Board of Aldermen, a decision was made recently to change the status of five of the City of Petal part time firefighters. After in depth consultation with the gentlemen involved, namely Michael Palmer, Michael Guy, Don Snyder, Curtis Howell, and Joseph Barker, it has become apparent that the so-called performance expectation violations cited as cause for termination are erroneous. Certainly, the expectation should have been one of recognizing these individuals for volunteering their time to the needs of the City of the Petal Fire Department out of the goodness of their hearts and to their unselfish commitment to serving our community. Each of these men is both a credit to the fire service and to our City as a whole.