Wiggins fire kills 2 young girls

Authorities are investigating a weekend fire in Stone County that claimed the lives of two young girls.

Eight-year-old Courtney Miotto and her six-year-old sister Ashley Womak were at their grandfather's mobile home when it caught fire around 9:00 Saturday night.  The oldest child told her grandfather she smelled smoke and then discovered a fire in an adjacent bedroom.

Capt. Wayne Cook with the Stone County Sheriff's Office explains what happened next.

"He exited the trailer to go get a water hose to put the fire out," says Cook.  "By the time he got back with the water hose the fire was too intense and couldn't get back in the house to put the fire out and the two girls were still in the bedroom."

The state fire marshall's office is conducting an investigation.  Officials say it could take weeks to determine what caused the fire.