No Charges Filed in Marion Shooting Death

Marion County authorities say no charges have been filed in connection with the death of a Kokomo man who was shot during an altercation at a convenience store in that West Marion County community Saturday.

Investigators however, say the case involving the shooting death of 58-year-old Lee Smith will be handed over to a grand jury for review.

Smith died at Forrest General Hospital last evening during surgery, after he was shot multiple times at the Kokomo Joe's Store around 1 p.m.

Eyewitnesses said Smith stormed into the store carrying a shotgun and opened fire on the store clerk, who returned fire, hitting smith several times.

The clerk was uninjured.

Other eyewitnesses told us the posting of a sign outside the store listing the names of several people who owed money to the store's owner may have been a motive for the altercation.