Ex-cop: Working for Wynn was a loser

Just days after the Hattiesburg Police Department swore in five new officers, a former cop is speaking out about working under Chief David Wynn.

Vounquita Tobias says she was lured into working for HPD. The six-year law enforcement veteran says it began during a recruitment seminar in Jackson. That's where she says Wynn and Assistant Chief Frank Misenhelter promised her career advancement and a better salary.

After being hired, she says, things didn't match up. That's when she brought it to the attention of the chief.

"I was told one salary and once I got in my position it was totally different," she tells News 7 in an exclusive interview, "and I went to him and told him that I wasn't happy with that, and he said, 'What you want me to do?' and I said, 'I just want you to make it right.''"

Tobias says she went public with her story in hopes that future Hattiesburg police recruits will know what they're getting into before they sign up.

News 7 made numerous calls to Chief Wynn for a comment, but our calls were not returned.