Jones County road deaths have doubled

A Jones County man is dead tonight after his vehicle collided with an 18-wheeler at a dangerous intersection.  And investigators say the number of fatalities on Jones County roads is on the rise.

Robert Wadsworth, 64, of Ellisville, was killed when his truck collided with an 18-wheeler on Highway 84 East and Magnolia Road. This accident happened on a state highway, but county road fatalities have more than doubled this past year.

"We've had 12 fatalities but that's just on the county roads, that's not counting the state highways," says Carl Monk, lead investigator with the Jones County Sheriff's Office. "The last time we checked it was around eight or 10 on the state highways. We've had 12 just on the county roads this year."

Monk says last year Jones County was ranked number two in the state for fatalities on county roads, trailing only Jackson County. But he expects Jones to move into first place this year.

Why so many accidents and fatalities? Excessive speed, Monk says.

Monk says we are in the peak holiday season, and drivers should slow down and watch out, because more accidents occur during this time of year than any other.