HPD figures show huge surge in crime

Major crime in the city of Hattiesburg has dramatically increased almost in every category during 2006.

News 7 has obtained information originating from the Hattiesburg Police Department, which reveals that "part one" offenses, or major crimes, in 2006 have climbed in nine of 10 categories.

Homicide is up 100 percent over 2005, with 10 this year compared to five last year.

Rape was up 8 percent, robbery saw an increase of 53 percent over 2005, aggravated assaults were up 5 percent, commercial burglary saw an increase of 16 percent over last year, grand larceny was up 40 percent, while auto burglaries were up 43 percent. Auto thefts were up 61 percent, and arson rose 89 percent.

The only "part one" offense that did not rise was residential burglary, which saw a decrease of 3 percent.