Wendy's Restaurants Supporting Children's Day of Hope

Some local restaurants are donating their profits from this Sunday to help children's adoption efforts in Mississippi.

The Wendy's restaurants within the Carlisle Corporation are taking part in the 6th annual, Children's Day of Hope.

Restaurants like the Wendy's on Westover Drive in Hattiesburg are donating all of today's profits to help organizations like the Palmer Home for Children, the Harden House Adoption Program and Mississippi Families for Kids.

"It makes us feel great," said Sanda Peters, Assistant Manager for the Wendy's on Westover Drive.

"I really appreciate working with a company that cares about the children and we need more companies like that, to show their appreciation for the kids, because everyone doesn't have a home and we want to make sure that everybody has a fair chance," Peters said.

In the last six years, the Children's Day of Hope has raised over $1 million.