Collins Teenager Killed in Auto Accident

A Covington County teenager was killed in a one-car accident in Collins this morning.

14-year-old Chenaque Staples died when the Honda Accord she was riding in left Sunset Road and hit a culvert, according to Covington County Coroner Chris Daquila.

Her 17-year-old brother who was driving and another 12-year-old brother who was in the back seat were injured.

An eyewitness to the wreck who called 911 says Sunset Road can be dangerous and has been the site of many serious accidents in the past.

"I think it's a popular road to get your car up to a high speed and a lot of people do it," said Justin Harvey of Poplarville.

"Obviously, the road's kind of slick, the way it's built and wrecks happen here all the time, high speed wrecks are bad and this one was real bad," Harvey said.

The accident happened about 8 a.m.