New audit in J Davis; state may rescue

State officials say it's looking more likely they will take control of the financially strapped Jeff Davis County school district.

That announcement came from state Superintendent Hank Bounds, who says every option is on the table including a takeover.

The Mississippi Department of Education has begun an accreditation audit of the struggling district. This follows a financial audit in August that found the district in a $1.5-million deficit, a problem created after the district improperly transferred 16th Section land money into its operating fund, officials say.

Just this week, a group of concerned citizens and students rallied at the Capital asking for the state to intervene.

And while State Auditor Phil Bryant says it's not likely that a state takeover will happen, News 7 learned on Friday that a concerned citizens group is in the process of hiring a lawyer to assist them in their push for a takeover.