Early wakeup for alleged drug dealers

A five-month undercover operation led to an early morning drug raid in Laurel that landed more than 40 people in jail.

Around 3 a.m. Tuesday police started serving search warrants citywide for 42 Laurel residents who allegedly sold drugs to an undercover officer.

Authorities say during the raid they confiscated an undetermined amounts of cocaine, marijuana, and several semi-automatic weapons.

Chief Walter Martin says he's determine to clean this city up.

"It's a message to the people who want to get out here and sell dope," he says. "We are not going to let up, we are not going to tolerate the sale of illegal drugs in the city of Laurel."

Mayor Melvin Mack says he's keeping his promises to keep the residents and the streets of Laurel safe.  But he has some advice for those who are making a living off selling drugs.

"If they would just get them a job, making 8, 9, 10, 11 dollars an hour, I guarantee they would come out much better.  You won't have to lay there at night worrying about people kicking your door in, shooting you, or robbing you for your drugs," he says. "Just get a decent job."

Sources tell News 7 that illegal drugs were also being sold from several businesses in the area.