Now's the time to review Medicare plans

Open enrollment started Wednesday for people wanting to take part in Medicare's prescription drug coverage program.

People ages 65 and older who are Medicare-eligible can enroll, or change their current plans. There are more than 50 plans to choose from.

Enrollment is open from November 15 to December 31. Plans go into effect the first of the new year.

AARP advises members to study information about changes to their plan.

"And when they look at their individual plans they need to evaluate where their drugs are falling in that plan and their cost and whether the plan will meet their needs for this coming year," says Petal AARP president David Allison.

Adds pharmacist Kim Rodgers: "So even if you were satisfied with your policy you may need to look around because your plan may have changed. You need to look carefully at the mailer from the company. If you don't do anything you'll be re-enrolled on your same plan so you need to read through your plan to determine if you want to stay on it or look around."

AARP says if you change plans, do so by December 8 to make sure the transition is a smooth one.