Rep.Taylor on Rumsfeld: good riddance

Congressman Gene Taylor blasted outgoing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Thursday, saying Rumsfeld "didn't give a flip" about the soldiers in Iraq.

Taylor, the 4th District Democrat and outspoken critic of Rumsfeld, said he told the defense secretary in 2003 that U.S. soldiers needed better armor. But Taylor says Rumsfeld didn't do anything about it until a Tennessee soldier embarrassed him with a question on national television.

"He has made a lot of bad decisions, that in my opinion a lot of kids have died because of his bad decisions," Taylor said. "I had called for his resignation a couple of years ago and... don't let the screen door hit you."

Taylor says he does not see an easy way out of Iraq short of sending a half million more troops, but he does not think the American people would stomach such an increase.