Brazilian artist hosts exhibit for AIDS

The work of a South American artist is helping raise money to benefit Hattiesburg-area citizens suffering from AIDS.

The landscapes and abstract works of Brazilian artist "Bartolo" was on display in downtown Hattiesburg today, with portions of the proceeds from sales going to the Hattiesburg Aids Services Coalition.

That organization provides education and outreach and transitional housing for people living with AIDS.  "Their cause is very noble," said Bartolo, whose full name is Evandro Bartolo Machado.

"I have some friends that are (HIV) positive, and when you get involved with those type of people, you see a lot of discrimination that is not necessary, but there is a lot of discrimination against them," he said.

"People get to see our facility," said Kathy Garner, Program Director for the Hattiesburg AIDS Services Coalition.

"(They) see how we function in the community and we're always looking for volunteers, so this is an opportunity for people to see how we function," Garner said.

Bartolo is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and he's been painting for only about six years.