West Lamar steamed at board's action

Some customers of West Lamar Water Association were steamed last night following the removal by vote of the Association's longtime director.

Despite overwhelming support by those who attended Monday night's special meeting, director Jerry McRaney was voted off the board.  While officials with West Lamar could not confirm the final numbers, it appears McRaney lost the vote 241 to 96.  Most of the votes for his removal were sent in by proxy which only gave members an option to vote against McRaney.  The special vote came about after board members sent letters to customers urging them to consider voting McRaney off the association.  In the announcement, the board accused McRaney of making misleading statements about the association's business activities in articles published in the Hattiesburg American.  It also accused him of requesting an interview in August with News Seven in an attempt to further mislead customers.  News Seven did not air the interview because it appeared to be more of a personality conflict between board members.