Hub cops bust another in theft operation

Authorities have made another arrest in the recent string of residential, commercial, and storage unit burglaries in the Pine Belt.

Howard Beard, 53, of Hattiesburg, was arrested Friday on two counts of receiving stolen property, and more charges are pending.

Over 100 items allegedly stolen from storage units, residences, and businesses were in his possession, authorities claim.

Hattiesburg police allege that Beard and three other suspects — 50-year-old Ray Jordan, 36-year-old Antonio Sanchez, and 36-year-old Guillermo Nunez — were apparently working together to burglarize properties and sell the stolen goods.
"Right now, our investigation shows that these individuals were going out in his vehicle and stealing the merchandise. And our investigation, up to this point, which is preliminary, that they were taking the items to Mr. Beard for storage and selling," says police Maj. Hardy Sims.

Authorities say if you believe you have received any stolen property from these individuals, you are asked to call Hattiesburg detectives at 545-4970.