Firefighters Honored at Laurel Church

Jones County firefighters were treated to a day in their honor at one Laurel church.

Firemen from across the county and the City of Laurel were invited to a special morning worship service at Eastview Baptist Church.

It was "Fireman's Appreciation Day," a chance for the congregation to say thank you to men and women who save lives and property.

During the service, some firefighters shared their Christian message and church members and guests viewed a firefighters video presentation.

"Myself, personally, we were the recipient of their services," said Pastor Mike Thompson of Eastview Baptist Church.

"We went through a house fire years ago and the firemen were there and assisted us so greatly.

The heros of 911, many of whom were firemen and first responders, we just feel like the words of appreciation aren't expressed as freely and often as they should be...we just want to say a sincere thank you to those brave people who serve us in such a courageous and sacrificial kind of way," Pastor Thompson said.

Special guest for the service was Tommy Neiman, President of the National Christian Firefighters Association.