Covington trio busted for drug trafficking

Three brothers were being held without bond Friday on charges of dealing in drugs and illegal dog fighting.

The three were identified as Kelvin Feazell, 27, Terrence Feazell, 23, and Willie Feazell, 29, all of Covington County. They were being held in the Madison County Detention Center.

Smith County Sheriff Charlie Crumpton, whose department was involved in the operation, said the men face federal and state charges of selling controlled substances. Crumpton said Willie Feazell also faces two charges of possessing illegal weapons — an assault rifle and a submachine gun — which were seized.

The three face felony charges in Covington County for dog fighting, Crumpton said.

Also arrested was Terrance Price. He is being held in the Smith County Jail under $200,000 bond, suspected of selling controlled substances, Crumpton said.

The men lived next to each other in four different houses northeast of Mount Olive near the Smith County line, Crumpton said.

Crumpton said investigators seized a small amount of drugs during the raid, some methamphetamine and marijuana. He said the brothers are suspected of distributing drugs in at least 10 counties.

"They moved a lot of dope to a lot of people," Crumpton said.

Also seized were 26 dogs, 24 of them pit bulls that were bred for fighting. They have been or will be euthanized by injection, officials said.

Crumpton said the investigation began more than a year ago. Smith County deputies noticed that when they arrested someone for drug possession, the arrestee would tell police they were getting their drugs from the southern part of the county. Crumpton said he asked the Drug Enforcement Administration for assistance.

"We've been doing undercover buys for the past nine or 10 months," he said.

The Mississippi Animal Rescue League was called in to deal with the dogs and three snakes — including an 8-foot python — that were found at the homes.

According to Debra Boswell of MARL and Crumpton, evidence of dog fighting was abundant. There was a dog fighting pit, scales and "all kinds of various medications," Boswell said.

"Anything from antibiotics to wound gel dressing, to appetite stimulant, to red blood cell builder," she said.

The pit bulls were staked close together, Boswell said, to keep them agitated.