Prostitution Sting Lands Five Men in Jail

The Hattiesburg Police say their aggressive moves to eradicate prostitution are prompted by complaints from citizens.

Tuesday afternoon, Hattiesburg Police baited five people into soliciting prostitution from a Hattiesburg Police Officer.  Those arrested include 34-year-old Shaun Mullinax, 32-year-old Alford Uzoamh, 39-year-old Bill McGee, 27-year-old Derrick Gordon, and 65-year-old Simon Bewell.

NET team commander, Keith Crawford, says an off-duty undercover officer dressed the part, stood on the Highway 42 bypass, and got a lot of attention.

"There were several that would pass by and take a look at her that were very suspicious," says Lieutenant Crawford, "Apparently they had seen what had been on the news, with the arrest and so fourth. So they would make several blocks. We had a couple of individuals that would just continue to go round and round and round. But as you know several took the bait and they were arrested."

**Reported by Nick Ortego.  For questions or comments, you can email him at