Community divided over proposed high school in Jefferson Davis Co.

Community divided over proposed high school in Jefferson Davis Co.

JEFFERSON DAVIS COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Parents, school board members and the community came together to discuss the possibility of building a new high school in Jefferson Davis County.

Those who live in the county said it's not that they don't want the school, it's that people living in the community won't be able to afford the tax increase to build the school.

School board members believe that this is the right direction to go after merging both high schools in Jefferson Davis County. Principal of Jefferson Davis County High School Will Wheat said that he is in favor of the new school and that the students deserve it.

"It'll give our students the state-of-the-art facility that they need, and they deserve to go to the next level, workforce and college in order to be successful," said Wheat.

Superintendent Will Russell said that it's time to do something different, and that means taking education to new heights.

"We have some amazing students, and we want to take it to another level," said Russell.

Most people in the crowd listening to Russell agreed with what he had to say. Most of them agreed the students do need this.

"They deserve it, and they're worthy, and we can do it," said Maxine Price. "Our children deserve a better school district. We have a vision here and we want to see it come to pass."

Other community members believe that this multimillion-dollar school will hurt the county's coffers.

"We just can't afford it at the time. Too much taxes. It's going to be a great hindrance to our county," said Charles Loftin.

The school board's next meeting to discuss more details about the $14 million school bond vote will be on Aug.16 at the Academic Success Center in Carson at 6 p.m.

The meetings will lead up to the bond vote on Sept. 4.