Seminary store owners call out alleged shoplifter

SEMINARY, MS (WDAM) - A pair of Seminary store owners who have had it with shoplifters decided to call out one they say was caught on camera.

Seminary's Sole Sisters posted the video of the alleged shoplifter to their Facebook page on Tuesday. According to co-owner Nicole Garner, the woman walked out of the store with more than $400 of shoes on Saturday.

"We got you on camera though," they say in the video. "We got cameras everywhere. We got 'em in the parking lot, we got 'em up in the store.... We ain't got 'em in the bathroom. We don't want to know your business there."

In the video, Garner and co-owner LeAnn Wade say the woman stole at least two pairs of women's Chacos and two different sized men's shoes.

"Why would you take two different? You ruined two pairs of shoes. What you gonna do? What kind of foot you got?" they joked in the video.

The video shows the woman crouched down and stuffing what appears to be sandals in her purse while looking around.

Garner said they knew from experience that if one person gets away with shoplifting, their friends will eventually show up.

"We got your mugshot, so tell your friends not to come too, because we'll get them too."

The post has been shared almost 600 times on Facebook.

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