Claiborne and Festival South host "A Salute To Fathers"

Claiborne and Festival South host "A Salute To Fathers"

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Claiborne and Festival South teamed up with the Alzheimer's Association to host "A Salute To Fathers" celebration Sunday, June 17 at the Claiborne Retirement community in Hattiesburg.

This Father's Day celebration was put together to raise money, awareness, and support those living with Alzheimer's.

The event featured food, dancing, and a USO-style concert performed by the Victory Belles.

Howard Fromkin, one of many fathers at the event, said the USO performance brought back great memories.

"It was patriotic, Fromkin said. "It took everybody back to the Hay Days of the 40s."

Artistic Director of Festival South, Mike Lopinto says it's always an honor to host events these and honor fathers who've served in the military and those who're just everyday fathers.

"Anything we can do to salute those who have meant so much to us and gotten us to where we are both through the military and both just being a dad and being a father whether you're actually a father or just a father who acted like a father,” Lopinto said. “I think it's so important these days to have great role models."
Dads who came out say this event made Father's Day that much special.
"I've talked to all my kids today and they all wished me happy father's day and how much they love me,” Ted Tibbet, a father, and veteran said. “So, combined with the beautiful music from the victory bells, it's been a wonderful day.
Organizer's say they want the men out there who served not only overseas but on the homefront to know just how much they are appreciated.
Majority of the proceeds will go towards the Alzheimer's Association.

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