Fire official gives safety tips for trash burning this summer

Fire official gives safety tips for trash burning this summer

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - While we are seeing a pretty good amount of daily showers, but dryer days could be ahead.

As summer months approach, burn bans could go into effect. WDAM is on your side and we want you to be prepared if you plan to burn trash piles this summer.

"Anytime we start drying out we get always get concerns about the increase in the number of brush fires for people wanting to do, you know cleaning up around the yards and burning their trash and what not," Dan McKenna said.

WDAM has shown you numerous occasions in the past where brush burns have gotten out of control.

It's important you are aware of future burn bans put in place. If you have to burn trash piles the next few months, it's important you do not do it during burn bans and you follow helpful tips from experts.

"We understand that people have to do that, but we encourage them while they are in that process number one," McKenna said. "To have a cell phone available to you so that you can 9-1-1 in the event the fire would get away from you."

Jones County Fire Coordinator Dan McKenna said it's important you have access to a water hose with working water.

"And we also encourage you to have some hand tools," McKenna said. "Shovels, rakes, so forth so you can control the fire yourself until we arrive."

With nearly 50 years experience in firefighting, McKenna said right now is a good time to burn, while no bans are in effect.

"It's always better to burn in the evening when the dew starts coming up and the humidity starts coming up," McKenna said.

McKenna said it's a better way for you to burn successfully without the fire getting out of control.

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