Stock rising for Petal hooper Myla Cox

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - All it took was one weekend in North Carolina to change the basketball trajectory of Myla Cox. The Petal senior wing showed out at a tournament with her South Mississippi Elite squad and word quickly got out.

Cox suddenly finds herself visiting some of the top schools in the nation.

"Well I'm really excited for Ole Miss," Cox said. "University of Michigan (and) University of Pennsylvania, which I will be visiting next Wednesday. University of Denver, Tulane, South Alabama and Air Force which is in Colorado. It's such a great opportunity just to be able to get out and explore the states and explore the world just for something that I like to do which is basketball. So I'm really excited for it."

The rise of the15-year old isn't an accident. She's spent countless hours in the gym honing her craft.

"All a coach needs is 20 seconds to see whether or not a kid can play in their program," South Mississippi Elite head coach Burnell Wesco said. "When we went to North Carolina, that was a huge tournament for Myla. Since then things been taking off for her. But she's always been putting in the work from private training. She came to me in the seventh grade as post player. I always tell the kids you got to be able to handle the got to be able to shoot. All this type of stuff. And she put in the work."

It's still early in the summer and Cox still has more tournaments to play in. So, her stock could rise even more.