Video: School bus speeds, crosses lanes without signal in Lamar Co., MS

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A video of a Lamar County school bus driver possibly speeding and driving dangerously surfaced this week. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, shows a Lamar County bus on Highway 589 passing another car on the two-lane road without using the turn signal when crossing lanes, which is illegal.

The speed limit posted is 55 miles per hour. In the video, the driver recorded the bus traveling at what appears to be speeds topping around 60 miles per hour.

One of the questions at hand, were there students on the bus? According to the white sign hanging in the back window, the bus was "in use" at the time the video was shot, which means there were students on the bus, according to Lamar County School District Superintended Tess Smith.

Smith said drivers are required to clear the bus then flip the sign when they finish their routes to read, "Not In Use."

WDAM talked to Smith about the video that was uploaded to YouTube. She released a statement to WDAM, saying the incident actually happened on May 16.

"I appreciate citizens letting us know when an issue occurs," Smith said in the statement. "I hate this person chose to wait nearly two weeks before making the notification and choosing to use YouTube as the avenue."

Smith said the bus driver will no longer be driving for the district next year.

"We investigate everything brought to us," Smith said. "Safety is a priority and it starts with our drivers. This driver will not be driving a bus for LCSD next school year."

Smith said she was unable to pull internal bus video confirming students were on the bus that day because of the two week time frame the incident was reported.

If you feel a bus driver is driving unsafe in your school district you are encouraged to call your local school superintendent's office.

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