Two Ellisville men wanted for drug trafficking

Two Ellisville men wanted for drug trafficking
Officers responded to the shooting at the Hop-In at 2611 West 7th Street around 2:30 a.m. (Photo source: WDAM)

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - The Jones County Sheriff's Department issued arrest warrants for two men wanted for trafficking methamphetamine.

Deputies responded to a vehicle burglary on May 25, where the victim reported having his wallet stolen, according to a Jones County Sheriff's Department news release. The victim was alerted when someone tried to use his debit card three times within 15 minutes.

Investigators reviewed security footage at a convenience store on Ellisville Blvd. and determined that Marcus Nixon, 29, was the suspect. Investigators searched a home on Camp Street in Ellisville Wednesday, where they seized two ounces of marijuana, over one dozen dosage units of Ecstasy, several thousand dollars in cash and a handgun, according to the release.

Arrest warrants were issued for Timothy Roberts, 35, who lived at the home, and Nixon for trafficking methamphetamine.

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