Pain at the Pump in the Pine Belt

Gas prices on the rise around the nation and here in the Pine Belt. WDAM talked to some drivers today about the pain at the pump.

"The gas is ridiculous right now," one Laurel driver said.

Prices of gas are soaring, with gallons costing $2.54, $2.53 and higher in other places. Drivers expect to see $3.00 per gallon for unleaded gasoline in some parts of the country in coming weeks, according to NBC analysts. Locally, drivers are feeling the pain at the pump.

"They should be ashamed of themselves, charging us this much for gas just to ride around and get here and there," said another driver.

"I think they are high. It takes a lot to fill this truck up," said one driver.

"I paid $20 for gas and it only went up a quarter of a tank, and I'm in a Mustang," another driver said.

AAA reports the national average for unleaded gasoline at $2.73 per gallon, that's 20 cents more than a month ago.

Demand for gasoline did hit a record high at 9.86 million barrels last week, according to government data.