New PRCC food pantry to open in the fall

POPLARVILLE, MS (WDAM) - A new food pantry will be opening this fall for students at Pearl River Community College.

It will be called, "The Market," and it will be housed in the old campus police station.

It will include all types of non-perishable foods.

Staff and volunteers will begin stocking shelves and taking donations on July 1.

The Rotary Club of Poplarville has already made a $500 donation to the pantry.

"I have known students in the past that I've had that have had to decide whether they want to skip a meal or two, or buy a book that they need, so I know that it will make a difference in probably more people than we realize," said Carol Williams, social media coordinator and marketing assistant for Pearl River Community College.

"We think that being able to support (student) food needs is going to help them academically in school, help Pearl River Community College retain those students and hopefully, help those students get that degree so that they can have a better life down the road," said Jennifer Seal, president of the Rotary Club of Poplarville. Seal is also vice-president of planning and institutional research at PRCC.

The building housing the pantry is already home to the Wildcat Career Closet, where students can get free clothing for interviews and presentations.