The Flower Bed Nursery hosts 3rd annual Family Day

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Flower Bed Nursery in Lumberton hosted its 3rd annual spring Family Day Sunday, May 20.

Organizers say the event is about teaching children and adults about gardening.

Children created their very own miniature garden container that they were allowed to take home.

Freedom Ranch attended presenting their "Birds of Prey" program. Attendees interacted with live birds learning about habitat needs, conservation, and the importance of caring for and protecting native wildlife.

Adults were able to get involved with clinics teaching about design, care, and planting of mixed container gardening. There was also an intro to landscape design and basic landscape plants.

Owner Thomas Keith says the purpose was to get kids and parents out the house and more educated on gardening.

"There's a few this year that said when are we going to have the event again," Keith said. "So, they look forward to it. Sometimes they have to be drug out here to do it but once they get involved, they really enjoy it."

The nursery also sponsored the South Mississippi Children's Center (SMCC) to help raise more awareness about the emergency children's shelter by allowing canned good donations.  Several kids from the shelter attended the event as well.

"To give them an experience that they've probably never had before, teaching them a life skill that they can use in the future," guidance counselor Teri Ratcliff said. "They know that that could be them, too....We're installing something in them, planting something in them so that they can grow and that it's not the end of the day for them."