Lumberton mom furious, claims school said nothing after child broke leg

LUMBERTON, MS (WDAM) - A furious Lumberton parent wants answers after she said her first-grade daughter was severely injured at school, and she wasn't notified by school staff.

The incident happened last Wednesday, and she still is left with questions from the school days later.

"They said she crawled on the bus, crawled off the bus and she was at the bus stop crying and couldn't walk," Princess Holder said.

That's how Holder said she found her 7-year-old daughter after school. She rushed her home trying to find out what happened to her daughter.

"The next morning she woke up, her leg was swollen," Holder said. "I took her to the school and asked them why they didn't call me. All they could say was they were sorry."

Still unable to walk, she immediately took her daughter Iriah to medical professionals.

"I just brought my baby from the emergency room and her leg is broken. The bone right here is broken in half," Holder said.

Now in a cast from her thigh to the bottom of her foot, Iriah is suffering from a broken leg. Holder said she was never notified by Lumberton Elementary School officials of any type of accident her daughter had. She later found out, the incident happened on the playground during school hours.

"She was on the playground and playing tag or something. I think another student pushed her and she fell over and tore it," Holder said. "I was mad, for one, because y'all made my baby stay at school all day with her leg broken. You knew something was wrong because she was crying all day."

WDAM reached out to he Lumberton School District for comment, but our calls have yet to be returned. Holder said she spoke directly to the superintendent who said the matter is being looked into.

"The are going to have to pay for my baby's pain and suffering, medical bills and all of that," Holder said.

Iriah did return back to school this week, but will be in a full cast for at least the next six weeks.