Preparing for the workforce after graduation

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - May is graduation season, which means many students are about to make some big decisions on what their next move will be after college.

Fortunately, Phil Hosey, branch director with the Laurel WIN Job Center, says it's the right time to look for a job.

"Since the economy has improved and it continues to improve employers are hiring more and employers are deciding to expand and they are having a more difficult time finding people with education and with skills to fill their positions," says Hosey. "It's imperative that if you're a student and your looking for a job, anything you can do to upgrade your skills, you need to do it."

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of April 2018, unemployment rates are down 3.9% ---- the lowest in 10 years.

According to the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, as of March 2018, Lamar County has the lowest unemployment rate at 3.2 percent.

Hosey also says the first thing that recent graduates need to do is network. He says it helps to register with job search websites to get potential employers names out to hiring companies.

"Everybody that knows you should know that you're looking for a job, because most jobs are obtained through networking," he said.

When job hunting, the Mississippi Department of Employment Security suggest the following:

  • Be prepared for success
    • Preparation is key in showing potential employers who is best for the job.
  • Write a resume that works
    • Keep it simple
    • Include works experience in chronological order with numbers, percentages, and statistics
    • Use specific words and phrases that describe one's skills
  • Always proofread
  • Dress for success

For a more detailed list on tips use during a job search follow this link: