Hurricane preparedness for your pets

PINE BELT (WDAM) - Hurricane Season begins in three weeks, and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has declared this week Hurricane Preparedness Week. One thing to consider when preparing for storms is your furry friends.

"The biggest thing is to make sure you have an adequate of food and water just in case water goes off they'll have a supply of clean fresh water," said Veterinarian Dr. Nate Moseley, of Petal Animal Clinic. "You also want to make sure they have plenty of food. You also want to make sure they have their medical records, so they can prove their pets vaccine records in case they are required. Another reason is if your pet gets sick, if they take it to another vet out of town, they can know your pet's previous medical history and any diseases your pet may be suffering from."

It's also important to make sure your pet can be identified in the event they get lost.

"Have collars or microchips placed on your pet," Moseley said. "That way if they get lost and they are taken to a vet clinic or humane society, they can be scanned and reunited with their owners."

But what if you and your pets are riding out the storm at home?

"After Hurricane Katrina, we did see a lot of cats that were outside getting cut by loose tin and other debris," Moseley said. "In the event of a storm, I recommend bringing all animals inside."

It's also important to keep their routine as normal as possible.

"It's very important," Moseley said. "Continue their normal diet, don't add any changes to their diet because changes in diet can predispose them to other G.I [gastrointestinal] conditions."

And by following those tips, you can make sure your four-legged family member makes it through the storm safe and as comfortable as possible.