Public hearing to be held on unclean properties in Laurel

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The Laurel City Council voted Tuesday night to conduct a public hearing regarding unclean properties in the city that are considered to be a health and safety concerns to residents.

"Context is so important," Ward 1 Councilman Jason Capers said. "The environment somebody lives in, grows in, walks to work in or passes by everyday, it really has an impact on people's behavior."

Capers said they are working to rid the city of the eyesores.

"If you want people to carry themselves well, operate in excellence and be model citizens, then you need an environment that encourages that," Capers said.

It's a topic that is broadly covered during city council meetings as the city continues working to reach out to home and property owners about the overgrown areas. Capers said those properties become hazardous areas that are not safe.

"Even though it's not what everyone wants to hear and no one likes getting a letter from the inspection department, they serve a very valuable function, and I really appreciate them helping cleanup our city," Capers said.

The public hearing is scheduled for June 5. You can find a full list of the properties in question in the meeting's agenda below: