Hattiesburg preparing to start mosquito spraying

Hattiesburg preparing to start mosquito spraying

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Summertime in Mississippi means fun outdoors, but it also means mosquitoes. So how is the City of Hattiesburg dealing with the threat?

"Right now we're currently looking for standing water sources," said Colton Hill, deputy director of streets with the city. "As we find them, we're rectifying them and correcting them like our ditches and drainage catch basins. So what we're asking citizens to do is if they see standing water somewhere to call the action line at 545-4500."

The city will also begin its spraying program in just a few weeks.

"So we're looking to start spraying the week of or the week after Memorial Day Weekend," Hill said. "That's about the peak time for temperatures for the mosquitoes to reach a decent population, where our chemical that we spray will have an affect on their population."

So when will you see those trucks?

"We have five different crews that cover one ward per person," Hill said. "So every morning, we'll have five crews go out an have a presence in each ward."

This program will last all summer and into the fall, according to Hill.

"So once we start the process, we continue to spray as long as the temperatures stay in that 60 degree to even higher range," Hill said. "So we could see spraying here in Mississippi all year. But we will start tapering off around October or November."

The city is also investigating ways to trap mosquitoes around the city so they can better deal with the threat that they pose.