Trump declares Small Business Week

Trump declares Small Business Week

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - America is celebrating National Small Business Week after President Donald J. Trump made the proclamation.

"Small businesses are at the heart of our nation," Trump said.

WDAM talked to one of Petal's small businesses for a taste of local tradition.

Locally owned and operated, Grand Central Outfitters is nestled in the heart of Petal.

"We love being a local small business, because we love seeing our customers everyday that are repeats," said Tabitha Burden, who opened the doors in August 2017. "They've become more like friends and family than customers."

Burden said she believes the heart of the city is downtown.

"There's still a lot of cool shops down here," Burden added. "People that offer different things that you don't find up on the main highway. I just wanted to offer something to Petal that was unique and different."

President Trump's proclamation recognizes the country's 30 million small businesses that employ millions of Americans.

"They truly are the ones that care most about Petal and they are they ones that invest their time, their money and their effort into making Petal a better place to live," said Valerie Wilson, Petal Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.

"We have mom and pop businesses that actually support our hometown," Wilson added. "They are the ones that the Soundsations, the band and the baseball team, ask support from. And they do, they support these small teams. What we ask for now is for Petal to support our businesses back."

Wilson said they are working to revitalize the downtown portion of Petal in hopes of bringing in more small businesses.

"It's up to our residents to realize that every nickel they spend in our city helps support our schools, the roads, the police, the fire department," Wilson said.

The president's proclamation declares April 29th through May 5th as Small Business Week.