Fannye Cook: Mississippi's pioneering conservationist

Fannye Cook: Mississippi's pioneering conservationist

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Main Street Books in Hattiesburg hosted a theatrical portrayal of conservationist Fannye Cook.

The live performance by wildlife biologist Cathy Shropshire was followed by a book signing of Cook's biography "Fannye Cook: Mississippi's Pioneering Conservationist.

The book was written by late-author Dorothy Shawhan and was completed by co-editors Marion Barnwell and Libby Hartfield.

Organizers say Cook is credited to founding the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science and was a force behind creating the Mississippi Game and Fish Commission.

Hartfield and Barnwell says that cook was a pioneer for scientists, conservationist, and women and it's important for people to become familiar with her work.

"She's very important for conservation because she was so enthusiastic and passionate about conservation," says Barnwell.

Hartfield says, "I hope people will follow in her example and be responsible citizens and take care of our wildlife."