Six new troopers joining Hattiesburg MHP district

Six new troopers joining Hattiesburg MHP district

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Six new troopers have joined the Mississippi Highway Patrol's Troop J in Hattiesburg.

They are among 57 recent graduates from Class 62 of the Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper School.

Allen Grace of Hattiesburg is one of the troopers. His designation is J-10.

He moved to Hattiesburg after his family was displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

"When I came to Mississippi, the first law enforcement officer I ever laid eyes on was a state trooper and I was just excited by seeing the uniform and seeing how professional and clean-cut that trooper was," Grace said.

Another new trooper is Jacob Welborn of Meridian. His designation is J-32.

"Several years ago, I knew I wanted to be in law enforcement," said Welborn. "Like many guys say, it's a calling to want to serve the people of the state."

Other new troopers include Aaron Payne (J-28) and Dane Gibson (J-29).

Two other new troopers, Micquel Miller (J-24) and Terrence Lynch (J-23) are serving with the Mississippi National Guard and are currently training for overseas deployment at Ft. Bliss, Texas.

They will join Troop J after they return home.