Petal Skate Park closed due to vandalism

Petal Skate Park closed due to vandalism

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - The Petal Skate Park has been closed due to vandalism. Petal authorities are investigating after someone broke into the storage room within the gated area of the park.

The park will not reopen until they find the person responsible, according to a sign posted from Petal Parks and Recreation Associate Director Brian Hall.

Hall said in an email that the effort to remove the pins from the door "must have taken a minimum of 30 minutes, and we find it very hard to believe that nobody else in the park noticed the activity."

According to Hall, it will remain closed so that someone will hopefully come forward with information and so the city can add security measures.

"We will be making a statement with any of our parks that are vandalized that we will not tolerate that behavior. We understand 99 percent of the people who use the parks have no intention on vandalizing anything," Hall said in the email. "We cannot have eyes everywhere 24/7, and we need that 99 percent to help us prevent the 1 percent from destroying our facilities. If anyone suspects someone is doing something wrong at our parks, then please call the Petal police."