Good News: Student art encourages healthy living

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - From healthy living to character building, elementary students from the Hattiesburg Public School District create little masterpieces of inspiration.

As part of the smart art curriculum, about 700 original works make up this art exhibit, which is on display at the Hattiesburg Library downtown.

Artwork from three schools will stay up until Tuesday. Four more schools will then be shown until May 8.

The communications and engagement coordinator for the school district, Samone Wilson, said it's a way for kids to think about lessons on a different level.

"This really pulls on my heart strings, because it pulls me back into my younger days when I was able to express myself through my artwork, whether it was visual art or performance art. So, this is really fun for our students. It gives them a way to learn outside of the box," Wilson said.

Organizers hope the artwork will inspire others to see the importance of healthy living in a new way.