Some local lawmakers think Governor will call special session on bridges

Some local lawmakers think Governor will call special session on bridges
The Jones County Chamber of Commerce hosts an "Eggs and Issues" breakfast Friday at the Laurel Country Club. Photo credit WDAM.

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Some state legislators from Jones and Jasper counties are optimistic Governor Phil Bryant will call a special session to deal with bridge funding.

On Tuesday, he ordered the Mississippi Department of Transportation to close 83 bridges across the state that the federal government said are unsafe.

On Friday, during an "Eggs and Issues" breakfast at the Laurel Country Club, representatives Gary Staples and Donnie Scoggin and Senator Juan Barnett spoke about the likelihood that a special session on the issue will be called soon.

"This road and bridge problem doesn't need to linger out there for the next couple of weeks or the next couple of months," said Barnett, a Democrat who serves District 34. "It needs to be fixed now and I am ready to go back and vote on something that's going to take care of our roads and bridges."

"If (the Governor, Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House) can agree on something, let the House and Senate go up there and vote on it, hopefully that will be it and we'll get the funding back to the counties," said Scoggin, a Republican from District 89 in Jones County.

"I hope (the Governor) forces the Speaker and the Lt. Governor to come to an agreement, where we can come up there and get what we need to get done," said Staples, a Republican who serves in District 88 in Jones and Jasper counties.

The Jones County Chamber of Commerce hosted the "Eggs and Issues" breakfast.