Hattiesburg announces water improvement project for neighborhood

Hattiesburg announces water improvement project for neighborhood
City of Hattiesburg announces new water improvement project; (Photo Source: City of Hattiesburg Facebook)

HATTIESBURG, MS - The city of Hattiesburg announced that it will be working on another water line improvement project. This project will be for residents living in the Arcadia-Sunset neighborhood.

Mayor Barker says this area has had water pressure problems for many years now.

"Parts of the Arcadia Sunset neighborhood have been plagued by low water pressure for many years and have had periodic episodes of brown water," Barker said. "This project, which has now begun, will start to alleviate that problem."

Barker says some of the reasons residents experience brown water problems are because of bad water sources, water lines being closed off and not circulating properly, and undersized water line.

Barker says he's aware that undersized lines is a problem throughout the city, and they're working to improve those areas.

"When we began the year we put five objectives with forty goals," Barker said. "A big theme is helping every neighborhood see progress, which will help us create a seamless city where each and every citizen can benefit from the same quality infrastructure, same public safety and same quality of life amenities. This is another step in moving toward that goal."