Local reaction to Facebook data misuse

Local reaction to Facebook data misuse

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Facebook data misuse has many Facebook users concerned about their personal information. WDAM caught up with Dr. David Davies, from the University of Southern Mississippi's School of Mass Communication and Journalism about what this means for all Facebook users.

"We love to think, 'oh, that's happening to other people, that could never happen to us,'" said Ebonee Jackson, who is an avid Facebook user.

The Facebook data scandal now has Jackson worried about being on the social media platform.

"It could very well happen to you," Jackson said. "It's happened to 87 million other people so I think we need to be more aware about this."

David R. Davies, Director of the School of Mass Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern Mississippi, said it's important to protect your personal information, or it could be open to a world of compromise. He said it's critical before proceeding with your account to read the fine print.

"All of us just hit accept and go through the scroll button just as fast as we can," Davies said. "I think it would help all of us just to do a quick Google search on the kinds of information that Facebook collects on us and by clicking accept we are allowing Facebook to use."

Personal information such as your name, birth date, location data and even your likes could be saved instantaneously without your knowledge.

"The bottom line, know what you are giving up to Facebook by actually reading that long agreement or googling it to find out as much you can about it," Davies said. "And, if you are reluctant to give up that kind of information, it might be time for you to take a step back form social media."

"I'm not too surprised. I'm kind of nervous," Jackson said. "I don't want any of my information to randomly be out there."

You can visit Facebook.com/help to see if your information was shared with Cambridge Analytica.