Hattiesburg man has a contact lens fiasco

Hattiesburg man has a contact lens fiasco
source: wdam

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Tyler Nuzzu from Hattiesburg learned the hard way about leaving his contact lens in for too long.

"Basically, I was young and dumb," says Nuzzu. "I left my contacts in for multiple months at a time."

Nuzzu, who was 19 at the time, left his contact lenses in for 10 months. He says the reason was because they never bothered him.

"I would put drops and everything in there but I never took them out," says Nuzzu. "I thought I'll take them out the day they bothered me but they just never bothered me. I slept in them and everything."

He says the day they finally irritated him, he reached to take his contact out but noticed his skin and grown over the contact .Tyler says he then used his fingernail to take the contact out. That ended up causing a corneal abrasion and corneal ulcer on his left eye.

"There was a huge burning sensation and any for of light just bothered it," says Nuzzu.

Dr. Cameron Griffith with the Southern Eye Center in Hattiesburg was able to correct the issue and save Nuzzu's eyesight. However, Griffith says Nuzzu's case isn't uncommon

"People want freedom from having to deal with their eyes," says Griffith. "Leaving contacts in for days, months, and years at a time really doesn't surprise me too much."

Dr. Griffith says while leaving your contacts in may seem convenient, it's not safe nor is it healthy.

Years later, Nuzzu, who had undergone Lasik eye surgery after another complication with contacts, says he seeing better than ever.

He says he encourages everyone to stick with the doctor's orders.

"I know you hear this from doctors all the time," says Nuzzu. "They tell you to do something and you think he's just a doctor and it's his job to say that but he looked at me and had a heart to heart and told me if you put them in your eyes again, this is the risk you take."

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