Owner loses wedding ring at Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Owner loses wedding ring at Dickey's Barbecue Pit

It appears someone sat down for some savory barbecue and home-style sides at Dickey's Barbecue Pit on Thursday and took their ring off to avoid the mess. But, when they were done, their wedding ring was left behind.

"I'm assuming it was probably an older gentleman (ring) or maybe it could belong to somebody's grandson," said store manager, Tyler Ball describing the possible ring owner. "But, it was left in the store and we were just waiting for someone to come and pick it up and ask for it. But, we never had anybody to ask for it."

With a ring just sitting around, Ball is on a mission to find its owner. In the restaurant's Facebook post, they say the wedding ring is dated back to 1970 with initials engraved on the inside. They refrain from listing the initials as they hope the rightful owner will come forward with the correct ones to claim the ring.

"I decided to put out a Facebook post just to see if maybe we could contact them," said Ball. "I'm sure if someone wants the ring, they probably would've told someone and it got around to someone else that they lost a ring."

Since they have posted, the status has been shared over 600 times. Ball says he didn't realize the post would garner so much attention. He hopes that the right person will see it, so the owner can be reunited with the ring.

Ball urges anyone who knows the owner to contact them at (601) 450-1710.