MACJC baseball race heats up for JCJC, PRCC

MACJC baseball race heats up for JCJC, PRCC
JCJC head coach Chris Kirtland. Courtesy: WDAM

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - The turnover at two-year junior colleges is a challenge for programs each season.

With a lot of new faces inside the Jones County dugout this year, there have been some growing pains. The No. 12 Bobcats (21-7, 8-4 MACJC) are in a three-way tie for second-place in the conference.

"This season has been one that has had, I guess you can say some ups and downs," said JCJC head coach Chris Kirtland. "But a lot of times that can be a very good thing throughout the course of a baseball season. A team of a lot of newcomers that are getting out there, that are starting to hopefully find their way as far as their mentality goes. Toughness [is] starting to grow, top to bottom."

The team JCJC and the rest of the MACJC is currently chasing is Pearl River Community College. The No. 7 Wildcats (24-4, 10-0 MACJC) are hitting their stride under second-year head coach Michael Avalon.

"I guess one of the big things that's happened here recently is just the excitement level has picked up," Avalon said. "That says a lot about our community, about our school, about our administration. People want to see us do well, they're behind us. When these guys feel that, that unity is increased. We're playing well right now. The crazy thing about our league and our schedule is, you can play well up until this point and it doesn't get any easier."