A Day in the Park in Lumberton

A Day in the Park in Lumberton
source: wdam

LUMBERTON, MS (WDAM) - The city of Lumberton hosted A Day in the Park at 5th Avenue Park to help bring more positivity to the community.

Ward 3 Alderman Jonathan Griffith says the event included games, a talent show, an Easter Egg hunt, free food, a live D.J and several other festivities.

He says he hopes this event will help "ignite the community involvement."

"The park has remained sort of neglected over the years." says Griffith. "So David Jackson and others are now using this event to bring more attention to the park so we can continue to have summer baseball games, record hops, and repair the park to get other things started."

According to Griffith, the Day in the Park event was held years ago as an annual event but was discontinued over time. He as well as other city leaders say they want to make it an annual event again for the kids in the community.

Resident Jake Bolton, who says he's lived in Lumberton his whole life, says he's excited to get the event going again so the kids in the community have something to look forward to.

"It's a pleasure to be back out here to give these kids something to do," says Bolton. "Just to have a good time."

Bolton as well as several other residents in the community say they appreciate the city's efforts to improve the community.

"Lumberton is known in the news for bad things," says Bolton. "We're trying to make Lumberton known for some good things because it's some good people out in Lumberton, Mississippi."